Mailing List

HTG maintains a mailing list to allow our patrons and friends to keep up to date with all our activities.

Alternatively, if you would like to become a member and access exclusive benefits head to our membership information page. Joining HTG also adds you to our mailing list.

We strive to not fill your inbox with unwanted emails, offering a choice of how you subscribe to our mailing list (typically 3 shows are scheduled per calendar year):


  • All musical and play audition announcements (typically 1-2 emails per show; initial and follow-up reminder)

  • Calls for backstage involvement (not usually more than 1 email per show)

  • Other events held throughout the year (play-readings, workshops, etc.)

Audience Only

  • Ticket sale announcements and follow up emails (typically up to 4 emails per show)


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