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The Highlands Theatre Group is always seeking new members. As an amateur volunteer group, HTG only exists with the support and assistance of the many members that make up our extended family. 

As each show requires many different roles to produce the quality entertainment our audiences enjoy, HTG relies on the the experience and expertise of our varied member base. Whilst some of our members are either currently working in specialised fields, many have simply grown their experience by participating in many shows. 

Whether you have experience or would like to learn a new skill, HTG would love to have you join us on-stage, off-stage or both! 

Keep Up To Date!

Whether you want to see our productions or be involved, the best method is to join our mailing list or follow our social media accounts. The mailing list content is customisable and you can choose what information you receive. We do not share your email address, so your email address and you are always able to adjust your preferences. 

Don’t keep us a secret – tell your friends!


Membership is a great way to become involved and is available to both performers and audience members. Whilst a requirement for any person who joins our productions in an active role, membership also affords several special “members only” benefits including exclusive access to ticket pre-sales and member only events.

These benefits are available for all Associate Members irrespective of whether you have in interest in being actively involved or simply enjoy attending our shows.

For further information, please click below to discover what being a member of Highlands Theatre Group is all about!

Role Profiles


Performer roles are open to principals (lead roles), ensembles (supporting roles) and musicians (musicals). Each form an integral part of our productions and the commitment and skills vary from show to show. For acting roles, no previous experience is necessary and if you are successful at auditioning for a role our talented Directors will work with you to achieve a character and performance to the high level that HTG productions are known for.

Production Support

Production support roles include backstage crew (assisting with moving scenery during scene changes, front-of house (assisting our audience members with tickets, programmes and seating), hairdressing and make-up (ensuring our performers look their best!), lighting and sound operation (e.g. sound effects) and props (ensuring actors have newspapers, drinking glasses, etc.). Many roles do not require previous experience and our team leaders are happy to teach!

Pre-Production, Design & Construction

Pre-production, design and construction entails a very wide area of theatre. Currently our list includes areas such as Choreography, Costume Design, Costume Sewing, Director/Assistant Director, Lighting and/or Sound Design, Musical Direction, Production Management, Production Design & Artwork (e.g. programmes and flyers), Set Design, Set Construction and Set Painting. Whilst some areas may require previous experience to lead teams, others are very open to learning new skills under the guidance of our existing team leaders.


HTG requires a strong team of people to continue producing quality entertainment and co-ordinate the other areas of our group. Currently our administrative roles include areas such as General Administration, Marketing, Publicity, Social Events Co-ordination, Social Media, Sponsor Relations and Website Maintenance.

Areas such as Front of House, whilst extremely important to the operation of our productions, requires minimal commitment and is often a great area to ease into other areas whilst still being part of the team! You’ll also meet some interesting and like-minded people. Many of our members have developed life-long friendships through their HTG involvement.

Have a specific question, want to know more or simply want to have a chat with us on where you might fit in? Email us at


HTG is always looking for sponsorship partners, who are a highly valued part of our team.

A range of options and levels exist to anyone interested in becoming a sponsor. For more information, click here or email

Like to act, sing, dance or dress-up on stage? Join as an Associate Member, and we’ll advise you of our Information Nights and Auditions. If you are selected for a part, you’ll be required to become an Associate Member for that year, and to pay a small production fee. In return, you receive coaching, loan of costumes and scripts, and get to learn from our very talented and experienced directors, choreographers, musical directors, make-up advisers etc.

If you’d like to help out off-stage we have many opportunities, as front-of-house hosts, backstage crew, props people, sound and lighting operators, set designers and builders, production managers, stage managers, directors, musicians, sponsor liaison, publicity, librarians, property managers, social organisers, tea-makers, party-goers and broom-wielders etc. Join as an Associate Member, and we’ll advise you of opportunities , and you’ll meet some really interesting people!

Just send a message to to register your interest.

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