Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to anyone (subject to the terms and conditions) as an audience, cast or crew member. Membership fees go towards our insurance cover for performers and volunteers as well as funding our productions and events.

Performers who are cast in a role, may be required to pay an additional production fee to cover script printing and costume hire costs.


Terms and Conditions

  • Anyone may become an Associate Member on payment of $25 (Concession $20 for student card and pension card holders).
  • Associate Membership is for a Calendar Year (1 January to 31 December) regardless of joining date.
  • Only individuals may become Associate Members, not organisations or families.

Other Membership Types

Full Membership

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Full Membership

HTG's inaugural Life Members (2020)

Certain individuals who show a dedicated commitment to the Highlands Theatre Group may be awarded Life Membership. Decisions to award Life Membership are made at the sole discretion of the current Committee.

Life Memberships have all the benefits of Full Members without the need to remain financial.

Life Memberships are awarded at the Annual General Meeting.

See our current Life Members.

Membership Form

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