Unsure what to buy someone as a present? We now offer gift vouchers in three values:

  • $35 – sufficient to cover one full adult ticket
  • $70 – sufficient to cover two full adult tickets
  • $105 – sufficient to cover three full adult tickets 

How To Use

  1. Select event and preferred seats as per normal.

2. At the checkout, obtain code from the gift voucher

3. Type the code into the “Gift Certificate/Promotion Code” field and click “Apply”

  • If any balance is left over this can be applied for future shows, simply use the same code again.
  • If the remaining balance is less than the total ticket price, this can still be used, the system will prompt you to pay the remaining balance.
  • The vouchers cover a full adult ticket for normal HTG shows (not HTG promoted shows).
    • If the intended value exceeds the available credit, simply pay the difference
    • If the intended value is less than the available credit, this remaining amount can be used to partially pay for a future event.
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