Highlands Theatre Group

Lock Up Your Daughters | November 2004

A comedy by Henry Fielding

Adapted by Bernard Miles

Music by Laurie Johnson

Lyrics by Lionel Bart

Lock Up Your Daughters 2004

Set in 1735 London, the musical centres around the young Hilaret who leaves the over-protective walls of her father determined to elope wither her beloved Captain Constant. Separated from her maid, she is accosted by the virile Ramble but finds her cries for assistance lead her into further trouble. Both are hauled into the court of corrupt Justice Squeezum.

Hilaret quickly finds herself the latest apple of Justice Squeezum’s wandering eye while Ramble is “rescued” by the bountifully amorous Mrs Squeezum.

The musical was original produced at the Mermaid Theatre, London and ran for 338 performances.

Presented by special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd


Mittagong Playhouse

Creative Team

Director, Musical Director and Keyboards – Anne Robinson

Choreographer – Vicki Cunningham


Staff, a Constable – George Lawrence

Young Gallant* – Chris Anstiss

Watchmen – Blake Marden, Alastair Wood

Justice Squeezum (Corrupt Judge) – Shane Wellings  

Mrs Squeezum (His Wife) – Rhonda Jefferson

Sotmore (a Gallant*) – Tim Brack 

Ramble (a Gallant*) – Ossie Bruckard

Brazencourt (Innkeeper) – Len McClay

A Wench – Alex Hartmann

Young Man in Cell – Nathan Scott

Politic (Coffee House Politician) – Bob Cady

Hilaret (Politic’s Daughter) – Christine Forbes

Cloris (Hilaret’s Maid) – Jan McPhail

Dabble (Politic’s Friend) – Ivan Scott

Faithful (Politic’s Aged Servant) – Jim Cheesley

Quill (Squeezum’s Clerk) – Dominic Dulhunty

Worthy (Honest Judge) – Peter Willing

Captain Constant (Military Gallant) – Alan Steele

*A gallant is a man who is charmingly attentive to women. 


Ladies of the Ensemble

Gretchen Alt-Cooper, Marilyn Cady, Alex Hartmann

Gentlemen of the Ensemble

Chris Anstiss, Nathan Scott, Peter Willing

The 'Daughters' Band

PianoRosemary Robinson

Bass GuitarKen McGrade

Drums – Robin Stone


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Coming Soon

Special Notes

  1. This marks the second time “Lock Up Your Daughters” was produced by HTG in 1986.
  2. The musical uses the term “rape” to describe the advances of the various men. It is important to note that in 18th Century English, rape held different meaning, which was  “to accost” or “to lay hands on” a woman. Something more akin to common assault or sexual assault by today’s legal standards.

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