Highlands Theatre Group Temporarily Suspends 2020 Season

As you will be aware, our community is currently facing a significant public health event (COVID-19). At a special Committee meeting on Wednesday 18th March, in line with current health advice, it was resolved to suspend all production activities until further notice.

At this point in time we are not able to advise when we will recommence productions, however the Committee will continue to monitor and review official guidance. How we proceed once we’re able to recommence activities will largely be governed by the time frame.

Although we are extremely disappointed in having to suspend our 2020 season, HTG is committed to the health and well-being of our cast, crew and patrons alike and will be busily preparing to forge ahead when the time comes.

We are working on ways to stay engaged with our members and patrons during this temporary suspension both via our newsletters and social media accounts. If you haven’t already joined us on social media and would like to, please click your preferred platform(s) below.

We are intending to use both social media and our newsletters to communicate with you. If you haven’t followed our social media accounts or joined our mailing list, now is a fantastic time to start!

A note on the image:

When a theatre typically is closed temporarily (known as “going dark”), a lone light is usually left on. This is known as a “ghost light.

As there are no windows in a theatre, a closed theatre can be very dark. Aside from the practical and safety aspects, there are also superstitious origins.

Popular theatrical superstition suggests every theatre has a ghost. Providing a ghost light allows the dramatic apparitions to perform thus appeasing them and preventing the theatre from becoming cursed. 

HTG’s ghost light is not yet needed as we have plenty planned in the background whilst our performances are suspended.