Sound of Music Auditions!!

Due to the postponement of Open for Inspection to May next year, we are pleased to update you on information regarding The Sound of Music.

The Highlands Theatre Group Inc will be producing the firm Family favourite; ‘ The Sound of Music’ in the second half of 2018

With such memorable songs as;  ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Edelweiss’, ‘Do-Re-Mi’, ’16 Going on 17’ and of course ‘The Sound of Music’ this is a wonderful show for Children and Adults alike not only to enjoy, but to be involved with

HTG stalwarts Barbara Handley, Kerith Fowles and Ann Clipsham have reunited to work on what is sure to be another great production

Interested parties are invited to read the following information regarding the production schedule and requirements. Please contact us for any further information

For Audition information, please click here

For Production information, please click here

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