Highlands Theatre Group Announces Auditions for its Latest Production – An Australian First

It is with pleasure that the Highlands Theatre Group announces it’s first production for 2018, Jaki McCarrick’s Belfast Girls.

HTG are proud to announce that they have secured the Australian Premier for this play written about Earl Grey’s Orphan scheme during the Irish potato famine, set in 1850.  The play focuses on five young women who have secured passage aboard a ship heading for the colony of Australia. The group is headed by self appointed leader Judith Noone who is half Jamaican half Irish and sets the girls minds on their new home and the hope they may find for themselves.  Along the way the girls explore their painful pasts and try to reconcile their hopes with the realities of what awaits them in the colonies.  Their only real information coming from Sarah Wylie whose brother has already emigrated to Australia and gives her an indication of what the country is like having settled in Kiama.

Based on well researched documented evidence of the four thousand plus women who made the journey during the potato famine in the 1840’s and 50’s, Jaki MacCarrick’s play is a powerful and timely piece exploring themes of abuse, survival, social justice and women’s rights. This play tells the story of Australia’s history.  Many people having relatives who made similar journeys.  Jaki said in a recent email “I’m so delighted you are staging this show near KIAMA – which is the “possible” destination of some of my girls. That’s really amazing!”

For further information about this play and audition details, please head on over to our Belfast Girls page here and put this one in your calendars.  This play is sure to be something special.

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